Write A Dissertation Introduction Without Hustles

Quick Guides on How to Write a Dissertation Introduction

There are five sections in a dissertation introduction that you should know before you start to write one. It helps a lot to understand your professional documents’ requirements to enable one to submit recommendable reports. Doing so allows you to score better grades that are essential in one’s career. Read on for more!

What Things Should You Highlight in a Dissertation Introduction?

They include:

Background Information

In this part, the introduction should provide an overview of your research. What do you want your readers to know? Here you’ll need to touch a little bit on your work. The information that you’ll provide must be logical. Ensure that the audience can understand the reason why you are doing your research. Doing so hooks them to the entire paperwork. Besides, you have to provide an exciting introduction to enable the readers to see the need to go through the rest of the dissertation.

Focus of Study

Here, you’ll inform the readers about the focus of your dissertation. The info to provide should be clear and precise. Doing so enables a quick understanding of your document. Besides, you should use simple terms that are easy to understand. The readers shouldn’t be looking for the meaning of every other word they find in your introduction. Remember, you don’t want to give them trouble understanding your work.

Relevance of Research

Be keen to prove the purpose of your research. Do you want to address an issue? Or do you want to add new knowledge to a current study? Or maybe, you want to solve a particular problem that exists. Regardless of the purpose of your research, it must be relevant to your field. If you don’t seem to find the right topic for your work, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact y9ur tutors for guidance.

Aims and Objectives of Research

The aim of your dissertation should be the central focus of the entire paper. The introduction should bring out the objective in a clear and precise manner. It should be:

  1. Clear – Enables the reader to understand it with ease. You should avoid being ambiguous when stating the aim of your dissertation.
  2. Achievable – Is the aim realistic? Be keen to introduce a subject that won’t confuse the readers. The objectives should be something that you can achieve within the given time frame.
  3. Distinct – Does it help your study in any way? If so, then you are on the right track.
  4. Appropriate – Are there any challenges that might prevent you from achieving the primary goal of your research? The aim of your work should be clear to study. Such topics make it easy for students to manage their research work.

The objectives should help you to achieve the main aim of your work.

Thesis Statement

Last but not least, you’ll introduce a thesis statement for your paper. Remember, the thesis is the base of your research. It should provide a framework for what you should do. Remember, it guides your research project.

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