Parts of A Good Informative Essay Introduction

An Informative Essay Introduction

The informative essay introduction is the beginning part of your paper. This section plays an essential role as it helps tell the reader what the whole article is about. It represents the same role as the first sentence of any paragraph you write; it will primarily show what the section is going to talk about your website, where you can ask – to write my essay today. It is good to keep in mind that a good essay introduction should only be a single paragraph or, at most, two of them. However, keep in mind that the length of your introduction should be subject to your teacher’s requirements.

Creating a stunning introductory paragraph is not something simple. It even becomes harder for many students when they realize the importance this single section holds. It is good to know that your introduction plays a massive part in determining the marks you get for your paper. This is because it will be the section that helps the teacher decide whether to read your essay or not. Therefore, making your introduction appear magnificent will inevitably raise the quality of your informative article in the eyes of your professor.

Understand that your introduction will primarily play three roles. These roles include;

  1. It will help identify your topic
  2. It will help provide the essential context of the paper’s theme
  3. It also helps show the teacher your main focus in the essay, as far as the topic in question is concerned.

Therefore, despite having done quality research and providing excellent information in your paper, there is no way your essay can be considered high quality if your introduction is shoddy. This then makes it the responsibility of each student to learn how to write a good introduction. Let us look at the different parts of a proper introduction section of an informative essay.

The Opening Statement

This is the very first line of your introduction paragraph. It is essentially what you use to hook in your teacher and then capture their attention completely. Here, the hook can either be a plain sentence or a question. The best thing to remember here is that your opening statement or question should be designed so that it arouses the reader’s curiosity right away. It should always make your paper sound interesting.

Supporting Lines/ Sentences

These are the lines that follow the first sentence of the introduction. The main aim of these sentences is to link the opening sentence with your thesis statement (which we will look at next). These sentences will help guide the reader to the main aim/ intent of the paper after picking their interest with the opening statement/ hook.

The Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is the line stating your purpose or shows the reason why the particular informative essay was written. It is essential to realize that everything that will be included in the paper must be relevant to the thesis statement from this point on. Even though sometimes you can put this statement wherever you feel like in the introduction, it is always good to have it at the end of the paragraph. This is considered the ideal position of a thesis statement.

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